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Convenient, Discreet, Accessible, and Confidential

P.S. Psychiatry Offers 100% Virtual Care

In 2020, the world came to a halt because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, one thing never stopped - the communities need for high quality care. Then, more than ever, people needed access to professional and comprehensive psychiatric care. Like many other industries, mental health providers pivoted to virtual services. Although different at first, our providers have become skilled in assessing psychiatric needs just as proficiently as in-person appointments. In fact, clients often report feeling the same quality of care from the privacy and comfort from their home, which helps them feel safer.

Secure and Easy to Use

Maintaining your Privacy through Telehealth

Technology has helped P.S. Psychiatry stay connected to our clients in unprecedented times and ways. Now, you never have to worry about missing an appointment for being sick or bad weather. That means you never have to worry about running out of medication because of missing a follow-up. Utilizing technology is just one of the many ways we’re able to offer every one of our clients a truly boutique and concierge experience.

Making Telehealth Easy and Accessible

Getting Your Appointment in Three Easy Steps

Schedule Your Appointment
For your first appointment, call, text, or email us to schedule. For follow-ups, you’ll schedule directly with your provider.
Receive Your Link
Leading up to your appointments, you’ll receive a link to access your confidential appointment.
Attend Your Session
At the time of your scheduled appointment, click your link and attend your appointment with your P.S. Psychiatry provider.
Understanding Telehealth

Common Questions About Virtual Appointments

Is my P.S. Psychiatry provider still able to prescribe medication online?
Of course! Your provider will submit your prescription and/or lab work requests electronically to the pharmacy or lab of your choice.
Are virtual appointments as effective as in-person appointments?
Absolutely. In fact, many patients feel like they can be even more open and honest from the comfort of their own home, instead of being in an office setting.
Are video appointments still confidential?
Absolutely. We utilize HIPAA compliant software to ensure privacy and confidentiality. You do need to be mindful about where you’re having your session. Because you’re not in our office, it is up to you to choose a place that is private. All of our providers are in private settings to ensure confidentiality.
Do I have the option to attend sessions in-person?
Yes! P.S. Psych is now offering in-person psychiatry and medication management appointments, as well as in-person counselling via our partners at Welsh Therapy and Ally Psychological Services.
Can I use my insurance for virtual appointments?
P.S. Psychiatry is Out-of-Network with all insurances. This means we do not accept any insurance directly. Please call your insurance company and ask if they will reimburse you for virtual visits through Out-of-Network benefits.
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